High-Speed Internet Access, Calls, and SMS in the US

MOST SIM sells US T-Mobile and AT&T official SIM cards with flexible plan options.


Get Your SIM Card in Your Home Country

When you arrive in the US, just insert the SIM card and you will gain access to the internet, calls, and SMS instantly.


Exclusive Price, Superior Quality

No tax, no hidden costs. Get your top-choice SIM card with superior quality at an exclusive price.


Affordable Choice for Travellers, International Students and Expats

Decide how many days you want in your plan all by yourself! The best choice for short and long term usage.


Easy 1-Step Procedure to Extend or Terminate Your Plan

Want to extend your plan?
Just e-mail us when you would like to extend it to!
Want to terminate your plan? After your plan expires, the plan is automatically terminated. No extra fee or procedure needed.

T-Mobile Prepaid SIM more

T-Mobile has the fastest 4G internet speed in the US.

4G LTE High-Speed Internet Access in the US

Unlimited Call Dialing and Receiving in the US

(Exclusive: Receiving International Calls)

Unlimited International SMS Sending and


Support Personal Hotspot Sharing/Tethering

(3G Internet Speed)

Short and long term plans to choose from

Recommend: Major cities, Grand Canyon

AT&T Prepaid SIM more

AT&T has the largest 3G/4G internet coverage.

Unlimited Call Dialing and Receiving in the

US(Exclusive: Receiving International Calls)

Unlimited International SMS Sending and


Hotspot Sharing/Tethering is not available

Recommend: Hawaii, National Parks, Road


How to Purchase

Confirm the model and supported frequency bands of your phones

Make sure your travel destination is within the signal coverage.
Make sure your phone supports the 3G/4G frequency bands of T-Mobile or AT&T.

Purchase online

Order your SIM card online. You can purchase on our Amazon store.

Receive the SIM card in your country

After you place an order, the SIM card will be shipped out. You will receive the SIM card and instruction manual in your home country.
Fill in your appointed activation date (PST) through the link on the instructional manual. We will e-mail your phone number on the appointed date.

After Arrival

When you arrive at your travel destination, turn off your phone and insert the SIM card. Restart your phone and you can use the SIM card in no time!
If the SIM card does not work, refer to the instruction manual to set up your APN.
If the SIM card still does not work, contact us through emails immediately. We will reply as soon as possible.

Extend your plan

Before your plan expires, you can pay an additional fee to extend your plan at anytime.