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February 22, 2018
May 2, 2018
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アメリカで最も利用されているプリペイドカード アメリカ現地の通話料計算方式 送料無料

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the world’s largest mobile-phone service provider. They deliver advanced nationwide 4G LTE wireless services to 70 million+ customers. T-Mobile is also the fastest-growing US telecommunications company in recent years.

Plans:  7 Days/10 Days/15 Days/30 Days

Introduction to Frequencies

  • 4G LTE Frequencies: Your device must support 1700/2100 MHz AWS (Band 4)/ 1900 MHz PCS (Band 2). (If your device supports Band 12, it will have better signal reception.)
  • If your device does not support 4G LTE, it may have no data or calls in some areas. If your phone does not support Band 4, the main frequency of T-Mobile 4G LTE, please choose AT&T.

Activation Notice

  • Please fill out the form on MOST SIM activation website at least 3 days before your appointed activation date.  
  • Please check the coverage of your destinations before purchasing.
  • Your device should support 4G LTE in the United States.
  • Your device should not be locked with a former American telecom.



Find the best prepaid plan for you.
AT&T T-Mobile
Technical Requirements 4G: Band 2, 4, 5, 17, 30
3G: Band 2, 5
4G: Band 2, 4, 12
Coverage Wide coverage, even in Alaska. Better signal in big cities.

It is suitable for travellers who plan to:
1. Have road trips by car. The coverage of AT&T is wider, so you could enjoy your trip without interruption.
Visit national parks (except Grand Canyon National Park).

It is suitable for travellers who plan to:
Only visit big cities in US because it is cheaper.
2. Go to Grand Canyon National Park.

  • Please check AT&T or T-Mobile coverage upon and check the coverage of your travel destinations before purchasing.